Monday, July 1, 2013

Protect your java codes from decompilers

Protect your java codes from decompilers.
This method cannot save the java codes from getting decompiled but yes the cracker will find it really difficult to understand much part of your codes after decompilation.
Proguard :
This is an opensource software which makes programs and libraries harder to reverse-engineer.The best thing is it comes up with a GUI which makes it easy to work with.
You can download the Proguard from
Extract the zip after download.
Open it and goto bin folder and then double click on proguardgui.bat
A GUI will open up. Goto tab Input/Output
Click on Add Input and select the input jar file to protect.
Click on Add Output to create a new protected version of the input file. Later you will use this copy for distribution
If you have any jars on which your main jar is dependent then add them up in Library jar section by clicking on Add button
Finally click on Process button on left side. If you want then you may tweak on remaining buttons according to your requirements
Now click on Process! and your output protected file will be created which is really hard to crack fully.
Just give it a try...

Ujjwal Soni

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