Friday, July 5, 2013

Building a Tomcat Bundle from Liferay Source

Few steps for creating your own tomcat bundle from Liferay Source.
  • Extract plain  tomcat .
  • Rename apache- tomcat-7.0.23  to tomcat-7.0.23(tomcat-[version]).
  • Download/checkout liferay source from
  • Import this in eclipse
  • Create app.server[userName].properties in portal-trunk(userName-User Name of your PC)
  • Override three properties in above file
  1. app.server.parent.dir =Parent directory path of tomcat
  2. app.server.tomcat.portal.dir=Absolute path of portal-trunk/portal-web/docroot
  3. app.server.tomcat.version=tomcat version
Eg. Suppose your source code in C:/WorkSpace folder & tomcat in C:/deployment folder with name tomcat-7.0.23.
  1. app.server.parent.dir =C:/deployment (don’t consider tomcat-7.0.23 in this path)
  2. app.server.tomcat.portal.dir = C:/WorkSpace/portal-trunk/portal-web/docroot
  3. app.server.tomcat.version =7.0.23
  • Then build ant all.
  • If it will throw out of memory then set VM arguments to -Xms512m or more
Right click of build.xml -> Run As -> 2 Ant Build -> JRE here you will find VM arguments.
  • Copy & replace from liferay bundle/conf  to tomcat/conf
  • Create in \tomcat-[version]\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes
Copy following configurations in
  1. jdbc.default.driverClassName=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  2. jdbc.default.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost/[ DN_NAME]?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8&useFastDateParsing=false
  3. jdbc.default.username=root
  4. jdbc.default.password=root
change properties as per your database.

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