Thursday, October 10, 2013

SharePoint Vs LifeRay

Similarity between SharePoint and LifeRay
NoSharePoint Server 2010Liferay 6.0.9 CE
1SharePoint have web Part which only render in portion of the PagesLiferay have Portlet which also have same feature
2Per User Website provide by SharePoint (Standard and Enterprise Edition contain this feature)Per User custom Page is present in Liferay
3User Profile does collaboration part for SharePointOpenSocial provides collaboration plugins for LifeRay
4Finding Employee(User) is very easilyFinding Employee(User) Search is very easily
5Visual Studio 2010 IDE contain template for SharePointEllipse or Liferay Studio IDE contain template for SharePoint
6Multi tenancy is fulfilled with Farm / Site CollectionMulti tenancy is fulfilled with Department (as per Liferay )
7SharePoint Setup information is store in Database and registryLiferay Setup information is store in XML file only
8Document Versioning and Co –Worker changes can be done in SharePointLiferay Plug ins Social Office provide very similar feature in it.
Difference between SharePoint and Liferay
NoSharePoint Server 2010Liferay 6.0.9 CE
1Publishing Feature which give provision for user to have data entry pages convert into WebPagesLiferay does not have any such provision for Publishing
2Database is very complex and customization is not recommendedLiferay Database is very simple and custom query can be written on it
3SharePoint Designer give huge boost to Information Worker to work on itInformation worker need to be depend Developer for lots of activity which can be done by Information Worker
4SharePoint UI is different and learning is requireLiferay UI is very simple and easily to learn in it.
5Lots of Activity can be done without writing single line of CodePlugins can help but still user does not have lots of controls as compare to SharePoint
6User can View their Microsoft Office content in the BrowserLiferay does not have this provision in it
7SharePoint Enterprise Search is too huge and provide lots of option to filter and data gathering  and so onLiferay search is simple as compare to SharePoint Enterprise Search (Plugins can make Liferay search upto SharePoint Enterprise Search)
8Business Connectivity Service provide option for integrated with another Enterprise Product with in OrganizationLiferay does not have any such feature either Plugins or Web Service can fulfil this needs
9SharePoint Does not have chat service integrated with itLiferay have chat and lots of other service integrated with it (plugins are provided with setup)
10Microsoft Own SharePointCommunity Developed and Open Source
11Support is very Expensive from Microsoft and never come under LicenseEnterprise Edition provide Support which is part of the license
12Single Instance cannot be @ zero cost  ( Windows Server 2008 R2 , SQL Server 2008 & )Single Instance can be @ zero cost (Ubantu OS, My SQL Database)
Personnel Option
  1. Liferay is very cheap and good solution for small and mid size enterprise
  2. Liferay UI is too good and user can learn very easily
  3. SharePoint is good tools for Rich and Large organizations
  4. SharePoint have lots of feature as compare to Liferay
  5. Liferay is better than other CMS tools like Dot Net Nuke , Orchard , Word Press , Joomla or Drupal
  1. http://www.liferay .com
  2. LifeRay Development Guide
  3. LifeRay Administrator Guide

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