Monday, December 24, 2012

Liferay vis-a-vis Other Portal Frameworks


Liferay vs. Closed Source Portals
�Innovation - In its 9th year of development, Liferay boasts a history of innovation among both commercial and open source products.
�Low TCO - Liferay provides the lowest total cost of ownership with ZERO license fees under the MIT license.
�High ROI - Use your existing IT investment. There is no application server agenda and no pressure to pay for tools Develop portlets with a full featured IDE like Eclipse, Netbeans, and JBuilder or with lightweight editor like EditPlus, VI, and Emacs.
�Freedom & Flexibility - Open source means the code is in your hands. If you want to customize it, you can. If there are security flaws, the community can participate in fixing it quickly.
�Security - There is actually less risk in going with a sustained open source product than in going with a commercial vendor. Vendors can go out of business. Vendors can merge and render your product dead in the water. A sustained open source product like Liferay Portal has an active community around it that works together.

Liferay vs. Open Source Portals
�Market Leadership - Liferay is the leader in downloads among all open source Java portals.
�Principle - Not all open source licenses are created equal. Some require modifications to be contributed if you choose to sell or distribute your product. Some still charge a license fee for commercial use.
�Maturity - Liferay has one of the most mature and active open source communities as evidenced by the active forums.
�Stability - Aside from the impressive community, there is a real company behind the product driving product development.


Ujjwal Soni

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