Monday, September 5, 2011

What will happen to Java, in Oracle's hands ?

I was asked by my friend few days back that "What will happen to Java, in Oracle's hands ?"

My answer was.. INSERT INTO "Oracle" SELECT * FROM "Sun"

'...Open source will continue at Oracle - along with Java. It could even profit. Just don't expect it to help anybody else.'

It will help. Oracle has more money than SUN.

I don't think it will become more proprietary. IBM, Redhat, Apache etc. will not allow that.

Java is OK. JVM is not OK. But at least we have CacaoVM and some opensource implementations, once Oracle will bastardize it. On the other hand, I don't think they want to screw it up on a main trunk. They did this to RedHat clone, called Oracle Linux, that is completely rubbish distribution. I would more worry about OpenSolaris — there might be started some unpleasant "fun" from Oracle... :-(

Java became popular because of open policies of Sun. Any attempt to commercialize or make Java more proprietary will turn out to be a bad move for technology.

I think Oracle will try to make more money from Java licenses and try to control Java and use it for competitive advantage, which will make other Java vendors insecure and will eventually move away from Java. In a free market Oracle is free to do this, but it will not be good for the technology.

Use it if you like it, don't try to own it

I just hope there won't appear String2 that is null and an empty string at the same time, as they did to VARCHAR... :-)


Ujjwal Soni

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