Thursday, March 3, 2011

Generating xlsx excel 2007 files using jdk 1.4


i need to generate excel 2007 reports in java, well, i had many options to do this like Jexcel, apache poi, Aspose...but this list got smaller since i had to do this in jdk 1.4,  since i had to do this in older jdk, i chose apache poi, but apache poi supports generating xlsx only on jdk 1.6, some blogs says that if we backport then poi can work on older jdk's, so i tried backporting it and converted jars in jdk 1.4, all was done and it worked for generating xls files, but when i changed it for xlsx using XHSSF class, it started throwing errors, i did lot of research but at the end, all was in vain. later on i read somewhere that apache poi backporting leads to serious memory issues on jdk 1.4, so i had gone for Jexcel, well jexcel needs a license and i gotaa use open source so i winded up this idea.

Finally, i had chosen Apache POI with Jdk 1.6 and its working great.



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