Wednesday, October 20, 2010

working set in myeclipse / eclipse

You can assign one or several projects to a working set. The advantage of the working set: If you work on many projects, you do not display all project in the package explorer.

Working sets are a concept derived to help the developer categorize resources across projects into a contextually relevant representation. At its core, working sets are simply, as their name suggests, a sub-set of files/classes/folders/projects that represent a certain developer workflow.

Developers have a lot of options when dealing with working sets. 

Choose the button New...

Choose the working set type.

Set a name for the working set and assign the projects.

The package explorer shows the selected working set with the assigned projects.

On the drop down menu you can see which working set is activated. You can deselect the working set with the option Deselect Working Set. 

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