Friday, May 1, 2009

Myeclipse IDE 7.1 update

Hi Friends,

I switchbacked to Myeclipse 7.1 from Myeclipse 6.5 since the day 7.1 got released. But, yesterday when i updated the copy of 7.1, the update went all successful but, unfortunately all got stucked up after a restart, the ide went all mad. It restricted all my javascript and jsp codes. So, i removed it from my system, downloaded a fresh copy from web (without updates). Again, it restricted my jsp and javascipt files. I spent almost half of my day in installing 6.5 again and switching back all my projects. well, the conclusion is old is gold......

So friends, never ever try to update 7.1, it will take you to the hell.


Ujjwal B Soni

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ujjwal,

I also faced the same problem when i updated my 7.1 myeclipse version. I need to reinstall my whole IDE for that....