Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Execute .jsp from command line in java


There is a little tool called JSPExecutor that allows you to do just that. The developers (Hendrik Schreiber & Peter Rossbach ) aim was not to write a full blown servlet engine, but to provide means to use JSP for generating source code or reports. Therefore most HTTP-specific features (headers, sessions, etc) are not implemented, i.e. no reponseline or header is generated. Nevertheless you can use it to precompile JSP for your website.


Ujjwal B Soni


Anonymous said...

Hello Ujjwal,

I have a query.

is there any difference in declaration of array
int a[];
int[] a; ?

Please Reply...


Ujjwal Soni said...

Here is the answer to Jonathen’s query.

1) int arrayVariable[], intVariable1, intVariable2;
2) int [] firstArray, secondArray, thirdArray;

In the first case, only “arrayVariable” will be an array of int datatype and rest “intVariable1″ and “intVariable2″ are only variables of int.

Second case, all the three are array variables of datatype int.


Ujjwal B Soni